Why do I need a Dental Check Up?

A dental check up is a screen of how healthy your mouth is. It can also give you an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have, or improvements that you want to make to your smile. After the examination, you and your dentist can discuss the results and plan the best way to deal with any problems that you may have.

What happens during a Dental Check Up?

At each check up, your dentist should:

Assess your oral health by looking at your oral hygiene and making any recommendations as required. Your diet will be discussed to determine whether you are consuming too many sugary or acidic foods or drinks and whether you are at high risk of decay or toothwear.

Discuss your social history in terms of smoking and alcohol consumption, including previous history, to determine your oral cancer risk status. We will offer smoking cessation advice, as is to be expected in any Healthcare setting.

A periodontal (gum disease) screening will also be carried out during your routine check up and again this will help us determine your risk of periodontal (gum) disease, taking into account any other risk factors.

Your teeth, gums, tongue, floor of mouth, palate, cheeks, lips, jaw joints will all be inspected. Your existing dental work will be examined to ensure it is in a good state and does not need repair or replacement. A discussion about any gaps and missing teeth may occur, addressing this may improve your chewing ability and appearance. Any cosmetic concerns may be addressed. X-rays may be taken to help the dentist to diagnose any dental disease.

As a summary of the check-up, your dentist will make you aware of the general health of your mouth and raise any particular concerns. Your risks for dental disease will be highlighted and a discussion of ways to manage these risks will follow.

You have now been made fully aware of the level of health in your mouth. If everything is fine, great! We’ll see you at your next check-up appointment, keep it up! If certain things need addressing we can work this out together and achieve dental health through a systematic plan.

All of the above will help us to determine an appropriate treatment plan for you. Prevention is always better than cure, but early detection of disease, allows minimal treatment intervention.

Once you are reassured about the health of the mouth, don’t forget about your smile confidence! If you want to improve your smile, then we can discuss the very wide range of options available to do this. If you would like to discuss anything about your dental check-up, give us a call or pop in!