Our Specialist Orthodontist is Dr Puthri Raphy. If you have concerns about the straightness of your teeth, and you want to address this, then please ask about the orthodontic options, there are many!

Teeth straightening, or Orthodontics has come a long way! This is a very technical and advanced field of dentistry. Although many general dental practitioners have undergone further training via short courses and can provide simple teeth straightening methods, not everyone becomes a Specialist. At Bosden Farm Dental Practice, we are very lucky to be able to offer our patients appointments with Dr Puthri Raphy, a Specialist Orthodontist. Being a Specialist means that her level of training has been very intense and allows her to treat, even the most complex of cases. She is very experienced and able to provided many different systems of treatment, to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved for her patients, for the long-term.

Dr Raphy will first assess your teeth and smile. She will take some photographs and through a relaxed and open discussion with you, she will understand exactly what you are wanting to see as an end result. Then she will work with you to select the best treatment method to gain the required results with your smile. Everyone is different and so the treatment you have, should be tailored to you and your lifestyle. This way, the orthodontic treatment journey is a more predictable and effective one.

We offer the latest Invisalign (clear braces) system, and we can provide Lingual (tongue side) braces, which are ideal for those who need their braces to be less visible on a day-to-day basis. Ceramic braces are another less visible option, and the traditional metal braces have a place too. Our tailored approach means that success with treatment is very high and the patient experience is a very positive one. We are also one of the only dentists in Manchester to offer Specialist Orthodontic Treatments. Give us a call, or pop in and find out more.

For enquiries or to book a consultation appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us on 0161 456 8716.