Periodontal disease affects the gums. The gums are a very important part of the mouth, as they hold the teeth in position. Gum disease progression can damage the structure of the gums and the way in which they support the teeth. In severe gum disease teeth loss can occur. Signs of gum problems can be; bleeding gums, sore gums, loose teeth, bad breath, sensitive teeth and gum recession. Gum disease can be related to stress, diabetes, heart disease, smoking, family history of tooth loss, poor oral hygiene routines, types of bacteria in the mouth. It can also affect people at different times in their life.

When you come for a dental check-up at Bosden Farm Dental, we always screen for gum disease as part of our extensive dental examination. The earlier any signs and symptoms are picked-up and treated, the better it is for the long-term prognosis of the teeth. Gum disease can be diagnosed, assessed and treated at Bosden Farm Dental Practice.

If there are signs of gum issues, or if you are at risk of developing gum problems, the dentist may initially refer you to our Hygienist, Natalie. Natalie will work with you to improve the condition of the mouth and recommend oral hygiene methods to control the build-up of irritating plaque deposits in the gums and around the teeth. As the gums as more closely monitored, bleeding and plaque scores may give you a target to work towards. Healthy gums don’t bleed. This means that in any assessment of bleeding or plaque, a score above 0, will need to be improved. Natalie, our hygienist, will review things regularly to improve the health of the gums and guide plaque control. You should begin to feel an improvement.

In some cases, severe gum disease requires specialist attention as it may resist initial therapy by the hygienist. Natalie is trained to make this assessment and if there is little or no improvement in your condition, she may discuss referral to our Gum disease Specialist, Dr Khurrum Hussain.

We are one of the very few practices in the North west to offer a Specialist Periodontal treatment service. This service is headed by Dr Khurrum Hussain. For our patients, and patients of practices in the local area, we provide Specialist and advanced periodontal treatments. People who suffer from moderate to severe periodontal disease, or are having extensive advanced dental care, often opt to be treated by our Specialist.

Dr Khurrum Hussain has been trained at the World Renowned Eastman Dental Institute and works to the highest clinical standards in his field. He has many years of experience, and is involved in teaching his subject at the Dental Hospital in Manchester. His work is limited to gum disease issues and he has helped many patients regain confidence in their smiles by ensuring their gums are disease-free, stronger and healthier.

Gum surgery treatments for a ‘gummy smile’, gum recession problems and gum procedures to allow more complex dental treatments to be carried out are also available. Dr Khurrum Hussain also provides dental implants for gaps in the mouth. He can address any problems with existing implants and treats gum disease affecting implants (peri-implantitis)

Claire Bailey is the Treatment Co-ordinator for Dr Khurrum Hussain. If you wish to discuss any concerns about your gums, please speak with Claire, she will be very happy to help and can organise a consultation with our Specialist if needed.

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