Examination and Diagnosis

Appointment Fee
New Patient Dental Health Examination  (Including initial x-rays) £65.00
Routine Dental Health Examination £45.00
X-Rays Each £15.00

Periodontal (Gums)

Appointment Fee
New Patient Gum Health Appointment £67.50
Routine Gum Health Appointment (Hygiene) from £45.00


Appointment Fee
Rescue & Relief £150.00
Emergency / Temporary Treatment £90.00
Lost Crown £90.00


Appointment Fee
Silver Amalgam Fillings from £150.00-£195.00
White/Composite Fillings from £175.00-£320.00
E-max – Veneers from £730.00
E-max – Full White Crown £730.00


Appointment Fee
Full Dentures Upper OR Lower from £580.00-£1500.00
Partial Dentures Upper OR Lower from £300.00-£1260.00
Chrome Dentures Upper OR Lower from £1000.00

Root Canal Treatment

Appointment Fee
Root Canal Treatment from £447.00-£630.00
Re-Root Canal Treatment from £555.00-£730.00

Tooth Extractions

Appointment Fee
Simple Extraction £140.00
Surgical Extraction £270.00

Cosmetic Treatments (not included for Dental Plan discount)

Appointment Fee
Cosmetic Consultation £95.00
Implant Consultation £95.00
Periodontal Consultation (With Specialist) £225.00
Teeth Whitening (Enlighten, tray and in-surgery) £600.00
Teeth Whitening (Zoom at home) £350.00
Bite Guard £135.00

Note: Fees may vary depending on the complexity of the treatment