Hi, I am Dr Nicole, one of the Dentists at Bosden Farm Dental Practice.

I have a keen interest in Cosmetic Dentistry. I want my patients to be confident about their smile, after all it is one of the first things people notice about you!

Many people don’t realise that modern dentistry has come such a long way. The materials, techniques and our technicians have advanced dental treatments and restorations, to the stage where everyone can benefit. It is now possible to have very natural looking fillings and not unsightly big black ones! It is possible to have gaps replaced with teeth so natural that no one will be able to tell which is the artificial tooth! It is even possible to have your teeth straightened in a discreet and gentle way (invisalign aligners), no more ‘train track’ wires!

So there are many ways in which your smile can be enhanced. This may involve teeth whitening, straightening, veneers, white fillings, crowns and addressing any gaps. When you see me, I will talk about what your smile improvements could be. We map out the plan together and step by step achieve your dream smile. It may not be as far away as you think!


New patients are often surprised at how stress-free their dental check has been, our existing patient of course already know this! It’s always a pleasure to catch-up with my patients as well as reassuring them about their dental health, we can discuss their cosmetic aspirations.

Come and see what we can do for your smile confidence and dental health!